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Extra Curricular Activities

Every learner and staff member participates in an extracurricular activity in our school

We aim to provide our learners with a wide variety of extracurricular activities to enhance each learner's education, further embedding the values and attributes of Āhuatanga Whangaparāoa. Through extracurricular activities, our learners can meet like-minded people (Ngātahi), increase their self-esteem (Whakapono), challenge themself, and, where appropriate, participate in high-level competition (Tutuki). 

Participation in extracurricular activities can develop leadership skills, collaboration skills, problem-solving, goal setting, self-motivation, responsibility and resilience.

At Whangaparāoa College, extracurricular activities fall into the following categories.

  • Sport 

  • Community 

  • Cultural and Performing Arts 

  • Hobbies 

  • Academic

Why do we provide extracurricular activities?

These offer our learners a chance to find and develop talents and passions. Through these, our learners can expand their social network, creating positive relationships with like-minded learners and adults. They develop transferable skills from school life to further education life and adulthood. These skills include; a commitment to excellence, responsibility, goal setting, problem-solving, collaboration, leadership, resilience and self-motivation. 

Extracurricular activity involvement can hugely benefit learners on their CV for university, scholarship and job applications. 

For our staff and activity leaders, extracurricular activities offer opportunities to share knowledge and pass on valuable skills to our learners, creating positive relationships and deeper connections.