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Learner Leadership 

At Whangaparāoa College, we hope to provide opportunities for our learners to develop and increase their leadership knowledge and experience as they progress throughout their school journey.

Leadership can take many forms; formal and informal leadership opportunities are available in classrooms, in extracurricular activities and on a school-wide approach. The following information is focused on the school-wide leadership opportunities available to learners.


Our prefects are selected during the end of their year 12 year. The selection process involves a leadership training opportunity open to all year 12 learners who are interested. The next stage in the process are interviews carried out by the Deans and SLT. Following this learners and staff have the opportunity to vote. The final stage of the process involves the SLT and dean collating the information from all stages of the selection process and choosing the prefects for the following year. 

Prefects work across six areas of the school: House, Sport, Culture, Events, Academic, Service


Our Kaiāwhina are a junior leadership team that works with one of our WST during the year. 

The selection process for the Kaiāwhina is as follows;  All learners are invited to apply for the programme, and there is a morning leadership training session open to all applicants. From this session, approx 25 learners are selected. These leaders work with the prefects to support implementing whole-school events. They will also support the school with enrolment information events. As a group, they will lead one event per term. 

Peer Support Leaders

The Peers Support leaders are selected from years 12 and 13. These learners self-nominate themselves for the position. At the start of the year, they work with the year 7 classes and help support the delivery of the Life Changer Program. Following this, the learners develop ideas that will help connect with the junior learners in the school and support the Hauora of our junior (year 7 and 8) learners. 

Kura Kai Cafe Leaders

These are year 13 learners who support the delivery and distribution of pre-paid cafe orders to help reduce the cafe queues at morning tea and lunchtime. Learners are scheduled to assist on days that they have a study before morning tea or interval.

Class Leaders

Each Ropu Whanau selects a class leader for the year. This class leader will meet with their year-level Dean and the Chair of the Learner Council to discuss learner issues.

Learner Council

There are opportunities for learners to be representatives on the following councils: Sport, House, Culture, Events, Academic,Service

International Buddies 

These learners assist the international department and support our international learners.