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NCEA at Whangaparāoa College

NCEA at Whangaparāoa College

At Whangaparāoa College, we strive to provide our learners with a holistic and comprehensive education, preparing them for future success.  As part of our commitment to academic excellence, we implement the revised National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) framework that will be effective from 2024.

What is NCEA?

NCEA is New Zealand's national qualification system for senior secondary learners, offered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).  It is a flexible and internationally recognised qualification that enables learners to gain credits for their achievements in a wide range of subjects and skill areas.

How is NCEA implemented at Whangaparāoa College?

At Whangaparāoa College, we have a structured and supportive approach to implementing the revised NCEA from 2024.  Here's how it works:

Subject Selection:

Learners at our college have the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of subjects, allowing them to pursue their interests and strengths.  Our dedicated staff members are available to guide and assist learners in making informed decisions about their subject selections.

Assessment and Credit Accumulation:

Throughout the year, learners engage in a variety of assessments, which may include tests, projects, presentations, and examinations.  These assessments are designed to evaluate learners' understanding, skills, and knowledge in each subject. Credits are awarded for each successfully completed assessment, and these credits contribute towards achieving NCEA.

Revised NCEA Qualification Requirements:

Starting from 2024, the revised NCEA introduces new requirements, including co-requisites for literacy and numeracy. To achieve NCEA, learners will need to meet the following credit requirements:

  • From 2024, learners must earn a minimum of 60 credits at each respective NCEA Level, 1, 2, or 3. 

  • From 2024, to be awarded any level of NCEA, learners will need to achieve the new 20-credit co-requisite in Literacy and Numeracy. Credits used towards the co-requisite cannot be used towards the 60-credit NCEA.  Essentially, the number of credits required to gain each level of NCEA remains the same, with the literacy and numeracy requirements separated out into a ‘one-off’ co-requisite.

Pathways and Endorsements:

The revised NCEA still offers various pathways to suit learners' individual goals and aspirations.  At Whangaparāoa College, we continue to encourage learners to explore both academic and vocational subjects, providing opportunities to gain practical skills and qualifications.  Learners can choose from a range of subjects that align with their career interests and ambitions.

Additionally, learners will have the opportunity to earn course endorsements.  Course endorsements recognise learners' high level of achievement in a particular subject course.  To earn a course endorsement, learners must achieve 14 credits at Merit or Excellence level in a specific course.  This endorsement provides additional recognition and can be a valuable asset when applying for further education or employment opportunities.

University Entrance and Scholarship Examinations:

In addition to NCEA, learners aiming to pursue tertiary education have the opportunity to gain University Entrance (UE).  UE is the minimum requirement to gain entry to most New Zealand universities. To meet the requirements for UE, learners need to:

  • Earn NCEA Level 3.

  • Achieve 14 credits in three approved subjects at Level 3 or above

  • Attain 10 numeracy credits at Level 1 or above

  • Attain 10 literacy credits at Level 2 or above, made up of 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing.

Furthermore, learners aspiring for scholarships can take part in the New Zealand Scholarship Examinations. These exams recognise and reward outstanding achievement in specific subjects.  They provide an opportunity for learners to demonstrate their exceptional skills and knowledge, potentially leading to financial support for further studies.

Support and Guidance:

We understand that navigating the revised NCEA can sometimes be challenging.  At Whangaparāoa College, we will continue to offer comprehensive support and guidance to our learners.  Our experienced teachers will provide ongoing feedback, personalised assistance, and subject-specific tutorials to help learners excel in their NCEA journey.  Our dedicated careers advisor will also be available to assist learners in exploring different career pathways, preparing for university entrance, and providing guidance on scholarship opportunities.

We are excited about the revised NCEA framework and its potential to further enhance the educational experience for our learners.  Whangaparāoa College remains dedicated to providing a supportive and stimulating environment where learners can thrive academically and develop essential skills for their future endeavours.

If you have any further questions about the revised NCEA, university entrance, scholarship examinations, or our academic programs at Whangaparāoa College, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are here to support your educational journey!