Whangaparāoa College

PPTA Industrial Action Term 2

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Vision and Values

Our Learning Journey Explained

The past 150+ years of Whangaparāoa have seen many tribes and individuals travel to this area because of the plentiful amounts of food and shelter. We are surrounded by water and we even have a maritime reserve, the community continues to use the Moana to travel, recreate and gain food.

The community continues to use Whangaparāoa as a pathway and a place to gather food.

It is a pictorial representation of the journey a learner will take at WGPC it also represents that it is endless i.e. once you are whānau (you are always whānau) you have a responsibility to support further growth and learning, both individually and collectively . The learning journey is endless and unbound. When you are whānau you have a responsibility to grow people while you are here and after you leave. 

It is underpinned by whakapapa in particular our vision that if we work together and believe in ourselves and others our achievement can be unbound, not only in the context of our local community i.e. Hibiscus Coast/Auckland NZ but globally  

We know through the voice and our professional knowledge, that our learners are quite aware of what makes them successful in our context but are not so certain about what skills/knowledge/capabilities they need to be successful globally.

If we do this together and use each other's whakaaro then we can be successful. We know what it looks like to be successful in our environment. We also know that learners are less comfortable in a global setting.


Shown by the pod of whales that travel together protecting caring for each other...The collective of people in our waka 

Togetherness - wanting to travel together. 

Ngatahi as well.

Stars - Whakapono - Believe

This is our alumni came back to us - coming back into our picture and be guided by the past, not just the future stars of matariki. The importance of using the stars for navigation. 


This is what drives us. 

  • Literacy

  • PLD

  • Deliberate Practice

  • Innovation and technology

Rudder - CRP

This guides our waka


How we are going to get there. We may have tweaks on our journey.

On a journey is a direction not set in stone.

  • Agency

  • Personal Excellence


Tutuki - represented by the kōtuku this is our learners taking flight into our global context and that their aspirations are unbound (you can be anything you want) 

Achieve - we have made it. We are off into the world. In terms of cyclical we can come back and be together with our whales. 

  • Whakapono

Represented by our destination 

  • Nikau palm is growing on the island at (slow grower, represents resilience and tenacity, also represents that our destination could be a long way away) 

Our island of desire. Nikau palm is slow growing, resilient and represents tenacity. In terms of us growing we are always working towards it. It could be a long journey but we will see growth and success. 


for when the wind drops and we need to drive ourselves. 

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi

  • NCEA

  • NZC

  • Local Curriculum

All things we are going to draw from the ocean to assist us and support us on the journey. Waves might sometimes knock us off course and we don’t always have control over these things.