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Whangaparāoa College expects attendance in all classes

Reporting an Absence

Should a Learner be absent from school we require an explanation from the Learner’s caregiver. The school may endeavour to make contact via phone, email or text message, however the onus of responsibility for reporting absences rests with the caregivers. 

While Whangaparāoa College encourages caregivers to report absences via our SchoolBridge App, there are multiple avenues to do this.

* SchoolBridge App – available to download for both Apple and Android devices

CLICK HERE to download the SchoolBridge App

* Email – [email protected]

* Phone – 09 424 9177 (following voice prompts to leave absentee message)

Lateness and Signing In

If a Learner is late, whatever the reason or time of day, they MUST sign in at reception.

Leaving School Early / Leaving Early Pass

All Learners (Years 7 – 13 inclusive) must sign out at reception, before leaving the school grounds, where a Leaving Early Pass will be issued.

The College requires an email or phone call from home outlining the reason the Learner is leaving the school grounds early. Without either of these we cannot release your Learner nor issue a Leaving Early Pass.

​If a parent or caregiver needs to contact their Learner urgently during the school day (for example: last minute appointments), they should do so via their child’s school email address. Only in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances should the school office be phoned to assist. NO appointment reminder messages will be sent out.

Learners Leaving Early Due to Illness

Should a Learner suddenly take ill while at school they are required to visit the Health Centre, where the school nurse will assess their need to go home and ensure that their attendance is marked to reflect this. A Leaving Early Pass will be issued if arrangements have been made for the Learner to leave the school grounds.

Leave Requests – Pre-Approval

Requests for non-school related leave (such as holidays, attending sporting events etc) during the school year must be requested by email to [email protected] . For participation in National or International sporting events please supply a Letter of Representation from the Club/Organisation for whom the Learner will be representing.