Whangaparāoa College

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School Donation

The school donation is essential for the successful funding of a large number of different activities in the school. The school donation is used to fund activities that the government funding is unable to address.  

At Whangaparāoa College, we are proud to offer a curriculum and pathway support that enables our learners to achieve their personal goals and become outstanding members of the wider community. 

To deliver on this vision for your whānau, we ensure that our learners have the resources and support they need to achieve academically whilst also providing them with opportunities to participate and thrive in the sporting, cultural, performing arts, leadership and service fields.

The College receives an operational grant from the Government for the school’s running costs, including the wages of core non-teaching staff, basic property maintenance, capital items, leases and staff professional development. This grant is calculated by the Government to cover the delivery of the basic curriculum, a base level of learner support and the minimum property maintenance and capital expenditure.   

The Board of Whangaparāoa College and the Whangaparāoa community have made it clear that we need to deliver more than a basic education to our learners. Increasingly we need to provide a greater level of support to help our learners to manage their way through their key adolescent years.

There is a significant and increasing disparity between the actual cost of delivering this quality education and support to our learners, and the grants we receive from the Ministry of Education. Each year we need to make up this difference through fundraising initiatives, additional grants and parental contributions. 

Your support of our college through voluntary donations is now more important than ever. Without the support of you, the parents of our learners, we may be forced to cut back on the services that we provide, either in the breadth or our curriculum, the facilities and resources available or the support services that we provide and be unable to deliver the quality of education that we are used to and expect for our learners.

Even a small donation per term can make a difference to the services that we can offer. 

School Donation for 2023

  • $200 per learner
  • $160 for each subsequent learner from the same family.

Donations can be made via Kindo 


Your voluntary donations are more important than ever so that we can continue to deliver the best education possible. We thank you for your ongoing support as we deliver the best possible quality education to our learners.

Ngā mihi

Ian MacLeod (Board Chair) and Steve McCracken (Principal)