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Whangaparāoa CollegePrivacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Whangaparāoa College, in assessing learner achievement, building its knowledge of learners, and monitoring activities at the College, will record information, including personal details, within files, mark books, reports and administration systems (specifically KAMAR) and CCTV footage.

2. Only appropriate staff will have access to these records/footage, with the understanding that it is to be used for the purpose of advancing the education, development and safety of learners and staff. In doing so, staff will maintain privacy of learners in accordance with the Privacy Act.

3. Learner information maintained at the school will be made available on request to those legally entitled to the information required.

4. The principal, or in absence of the Principal, the Acting-Principal, will assume and uphold the duties of Privacy Officer and take accountability for handling privacy matters in compliance with the Privacy Act.

5. The Privacy Officer will undertake professional development in order to remain current in matters relating to the handling of privacy and compliance with [changes to] the Privacy Act.

6. The Principal, as Privacy Officer, will periodically communicate and update staff oninternal guidelines and procedures as necessary to promote staff compliance with thePrivacy Act. This may, from time to time, include professional development.

Written: August 2004

Updated: May 2022