Wellbeing (Hauora)

At Whangaparāoa College, hauora is embedded as one of our strategic priorities. We know that when people are not well in themselves, learning and engagement suffer. Since wellbeing has many facets, improving learner wellbeing in schools requires a whole-school approach that takes into account physical, emotional, social and societal needs.

Pastoral care

Kaiārahi are teachers who lead a class of learners through their journey at the College. They meet with their rōpū whānau class every day, with Wednesday period 3 dedicated to this time. Kaiārahi provide both pastoral and academic care through checking in with each child, and supporting their goals with academic tracking sheets and guidance. They also follow up on attendance and ensure learners know what is happening at the school through notices.

Deans oversee the pastoral and academic care of their year group and have regular meetings with the year group kaiārahi. They have significantly less teaching time so they can meet with learners who need support, who are not meeting behavioural standards, or who are concerned about anything. Senior Deans also work with learners and our Careers Department to support learners' future plans and goals. Both Deans and kaiārahi communicate with parents and teachers to ensure learners feel well at school. 

Nurse and counsellors are based in Te Whare Hauora (The Wellness Centre) along with the Dean’s office. The nurse is available during school hours for any learner who has any ailment. She will treat and triage as required, contacting parents as necessary. Learners can make appointments with one of our dedicated counsellors, or referrals will be made alongside the learner or their whanau. Learners can also access food when needed, period products, Covid tests and other needs at Te Whare Hauora. Both the nurse and counsellors have access to outside agencies when required, and can help navigate these resources. 

Goodspace and Orah are two different digital platforms we use to support the wellbeing of our learners. Goodspace is used to quickly complete the HEsADSSS assessment and is monitored by the nurse. Orah is an app used by our Year 8 to 10 learners in their rōpū whānau class as a way to self check their moods and needs. This is monitored by the Kaiārahi.