House System

The school has a House system, which was established in 2005. Every student is allocated to a House when whether it be Air, Water, Fire or Earth.
Originally the founding House Leaders constructed the house system around colours then moved to highlight that everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: Earth (Green), Water (Blue), Fire (Red) and Air (Yellow). Knowledge of the five elements allows the pupils of Whangaparaoa College to understand the laws of nature and use learning to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. The House Leaders in 2012 created some House tiles depicting the symbols of Air, Water, Fire and Earth.
The houses compete in a wide variety of events including athletics, cross country, in house academic arts and cultural competitions. The house system generates pride and passion for Whangaparāoa College Students and a sense of ownership for pupils who attend Whangaparāoa College. The house system also contributes to the promotion of working together as a team and exercises the schools moto Ngatahi Whakapono Tutuki, Together Believe Achieve.

House Leaders 2021
Earth House

Earth Staff House Leaders

Celine van Achterbergh

House Prefects

Angel Raj-Campbell
Courtney Shearer

Air House air Staff House Leaders

Jono Dempsey

House Prefects

Flynn Chambers
Katie Stokes
Water House
water Staff House Leaders

John Curwen

House Prefects

Braydyn Rangitutia
Emily Wood
Fire House Fire Staff House Leaders

Carla Taylor

House Prefects

Theodore Montes
Kelly Tataurangi

Level 3 House Competition
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