House System

House Points 2019

The school has a House system, which was established in 2005. Every student is allocated to a House when whether it be Air, Water, Fire or Earth.
Originally the founding House Leaders constructed the house system around colours then moved to highlight that everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: Earth (Green), Water (Blue), Fire (Red) and Air (Yellow). Knowledge of the five elements allows the pupils of Whangaparaoa College to understand the laws of nature and use learning to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. The House Leaders in 2012 created some House tiles depicting the symbols of Air, Water, Fire and Earth.
The houses compete in a wide variety of events including athletics, cross country, in house academic arts and cultural competitions. The house system generates pride and passion for Whangaparaoa College Students and a sense of ownership for pupils who attend Whangaparaoa College. The house system also contributes to the promotion of working together as a team and exercises the schools moto Ngatahi Whakapono Tutuki, Together Believe Achieve.

Week eight of term two saw the anticipated return of Chaos, a manhunt style game where learners are given a name on a slip, then attempt to tag that person and collect their slips over the course of a week until only one is left standing. Each signup scored points for that learners house with more being allocated to 1st through 4th. After an intense 5 days almost 300 students were narrowed down to only 10. In first place with a total of 117 slips was Bailen Mitchell scoring 400 points for Firehouse, in second was Nick Goodall, third Madison Daniel, and fourth Seamus Kelly. With the final points being tallied we see Air house falling from 2nd to a close 3rd, Earth furthering their 1st place lead, Water grabbing 2nd place, and Fire catching up to a tight fourth. Overall Chaos was another success in a series of house events so look out for its return in term 3.

The Whangaparaoa College Tabloids day was held Friday 23 March. Learners participated in five events - Dodgeball, a water carry, a plank relay, a game of rob the nest, and a classic tug of war challenge. Each activity was house based and the winning team would earn points for their house. All learners were encouraged to dress in their house colours (blue, red, green, or yellow) and the best dressed prizes from each house were announced at the end of the day. They were are as follows: Water House - Jenny Abraham,
Fire House - Arireti Teubaitoi, Earth house - Georgia Taylor, and Air House - Olivia Vague.
The overall results of the day were: Air House taking out 1st, Earth house in 2nd, Fire House in 3rd, and last but not least Water House.
Overall Whangaparaoa College Tabloids was a very successful and entertaining day for all the Year 9-13 learners! The rainy weather didn’t stop this School’s Spirit! - Click here for photos by Jun Li 

Cross Country
Cross Country was held on March 26 and was a great success. As predicted Earth House proved to dominant by taking home many points in this event. Strong competition was seen in the middle of the field where Water, Air and Fire battled for many placings to earn valuable points for their house.
Congratulations to all competitors who earned points for placing in their age category.
Look out for Term 3 where the House Leaders will be hosting Whanau Feud, a competitive game show based off the Family Feud TV show with a Whangaparaoa College twist. Click here for photos

House Leaders 2019
Earth House

Earth Sam Creevey
Air House air Nikash Prakash
Water House
water Buell Verkade
Fire House Fire Skylah Davies

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