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Juvenescent July


This Months Community Events 

Matariki Festival 2018: Matariki on the Move - Waiata.
When - Friday 6th July 7pm - 9.30pm
Where - Centrestage Theatre, 60 Centreway Rd, Orewa, Auckland
Cost - Free 
For more information click here.

Manu Aute Kite day
When - Sunday 8th July 11am - 4pm
Where - Bastion Point, Orakei, Auckland,  
Cost - Free
For more information click here

Stellar 2018 - Immerse yourself in extraordinary light installations that symbolise the celebration of Matariki, the Maori New Year.
When - Friday 13th July - Sunday 15th July, 5-10pm
Where - Smales Farm
Admission - Free
For more information click here.

Mini Robot Rumble 2018
When - 14th July 10am - 5pm
Where - Smales Farm
Admission -  Free
For more information click here.

Check out the Auckland Council page here for other School holiday activities.

Look who I had the privilege of meeting when he visited New Zealand.

He may even write a book about me, well about a Librarian. Watch this space.

July is famous for.....

  • July 4th 1776  -  The Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. Click here to find out more.
  • Matariki Celebration period is July 6 - 13th 2018 for more information about Matariki click here
  • There are Plenty of events celebrating Matariki click here to find whats on.
  • July 10th 1967 - New Zealand adopts decimal currency Click here for more info.
  • July 11th 1877 - Kate Edger became the first woman to graduate from a New Zealand university, earning a Bachelor of Arts.
  • July 16th 1969  - Apollo 11 Lifts off on its voyage to the Moon. Click here for more info.
  • July 28th 1866 - Beatrix Potter was born she was the author and illustrator of the famous Peter Rabbit
  • July 31st 1976  - John Walker wins Gold in Montreal.
         Weird and wonderful celebrations in July
  • International Joke Day, Build a scarecrow day, Picnic Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month  and Mac & Cheese day 
       Click the image below for a tasty recipe.


 New books in the Library this month.

  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy
  • The 1000 year old boy

Author of the Month

Rachael Craw


I was born and raised in the beautiful garden city of Christchurch and lived there my whole life until our house was wrecked in the 2010/11 earthquakes. Now I live at the sunny top of the South Island of New Zealand with my husband, three daughters and our odd little dog.
When I was six I was pretty sure I’d grow up to be a Solid Gold Dancer, all that glittering 1980’s spandex and colossal hair. By about ten, like every girl I knew, I wanted to be an Air Hostess. It was considered awfully glamorous, back in the day. As a teen I fancied acting and studied Drama and Classical Studies at the University of Canterbury. After graduation I trained to became a high school English teacher and I loved it despite the lack of Lycra, sequins or jet setting. In the last few years I have divided my time between teaching English and Drama, mentoring and writing.

I have kept journals most of my life and written poetry, scripts and short stories for my own entertainment but it wasn’t until the birth of my third child that the unction to write a novel gripped me in a way that I couldn’t ignore. I had resisted the idea of long-form writing for many years believing I lacked time, training, patience and more importantly the determination to follow through. Oh how I under estimated the power of obsession. Once the idea for my first book arrived in my head it spread like a hungry virus through my whole body. It lead to a five year journey of hard work, developing a sense of craft, receiving mentoring, acquiring an agent and finding a publisher before I first saw my work in print. Now, I realise, while being a writer isn’t the easiest job it’s the one that seems to fit my DNA best but I also love being in the classroom and sharing the love of words with young people.

The Spark of an Idea:

One night after a rather desperate prayer for inspiration I fell asleep and had a dream. In the dream, I ran through a forest at night, faster than humanly possible, with incredible stamina and lightning reflexes. The tone of the dream became sinister when I was gripped with a terrible urgency. I knew (in the inexplicable way that you do in dreams) that, out there ahead of me, someone was lost and in grave danger. I knew I had to reach that person and protect them from something/someone else in the forest and a feral protective rage came over me. Then I woke up! I took it on faith that I’d just been given my inspiration, packed the kids off to school, sat down at my laptop and began to write the prologue.
My latest work, The Rift is a young adult fantasy novel set for release in November this year.

You can visit WBA for more information about SparkStray,  Shield and The Rift.

Genre descriptions- What do you prefer to Read?


There are so many different book genres to choose from, how do you know whats your favourite, click on the words below to read a brief description of each genre with book recommendations.









Science Fiction

Magazines found in the Library

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