Options Booklet 2023

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Note: Course costs are correct as at 1 August 2022 but may change

When faced with the wide variety of subjects available, many learners ask "What should I choose?" Two keys things to keep in mind when considering subject choices are:

* Choose subjects that you enjoy and where you can achieve well
* Keep your options open

While the knowledge, skills and understanding that are gained in study are important; it is equally - if not more- important that we learn how to learn

Futurists believe that youth who are leaving school now will have around eight career changes in their lives. Not eight different jobs but complete career changes. It is important when making subject choices that learner think not just about what they need for their first career choice, but that they will need to go on learning and retrain a number of times in the future.

The vast majority of our learners will continue with academic study and/or training when they leave Whangaparāoa College. Success at school allows people to have a wider range of choices about what they do in the future. When considering their choices learners should take every opportunity to talk to people and get advice.

Please carefully read the information on this website about the subjects and how to make wise choices.

I wish all learners well with their future study

Steve McCracken
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