Level 3

Level 3

At Year 13..

* You MUST choose FIVE full courses: 4 periods each per week
* You will have one option of study (4 periods per cycle)

There are no limitations on your subject choices but make sure you choose carefully. For your subject choices consider the entry requirements to University and to particular tertiary courses you have an interest in studying. Consider your subject interest and abilities and your career and life plans.

* Where a learner wishes to enter a course but does not meet the entry requirements (the prerequisites), the HoD or HoL of that subject must be approached by the learner for entry approval
* Final approval of all courses remains at the discretion of the College Principal

NB: If you would like to take two different full Technology courses highlighted 'blue' this is fine however you will need to discuss further with a Technology Teacher

English     Mathematics  
English L3ENLIT01   Mathematics L3MATC01
English Communication L3ENCOM01   Statistics L3MATS01
Media Studies L3MEST01      
Languages     Social Science  
French L3FREN01   Geography L3GEOG01
Maori L3MAOR01   History L3HIST01
Maori Performing Arts L3MAPA01   Sociology L3SOCI01
English Language L3ENLU01   Classical Studies L3CLST01
      Business Studies L3BUST01
Earth & Space Science L3ESSC01      
Biology L3BIOL01      
Chemistry L3CHEM01      
Physics L3PHYS01      
Arts     PE, Health & Outdoor Ed  
Practical Visual Arts L3ARPA01   PE L3PHED01
Photography L3PHOT01   Outdoor Education L3OUED01
Visual Arts Design L3VADS01   Health L3HEED01
      Practical PE L3PRPE01
Drama L3DRAM01      
Dance L3DANC01      
Music L3MUSP01      
Technology     Gateway  
Hard Materials L3MTEC01   L3GATE01  
Food & Nutrition L3FOTE01      
Fabric & Fashion L3CLTX01      
Digital Technology L3DTEC01      
Design & Visual Communication L3DVCM01      
Industry Based Courses        
Building & Construction L3BCON01      
Hospitality L3HOSP01      

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