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Welcome to Whangaparāoa College, located in one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand. It boasts a coastline of golden beaches, a regional park and a world-class golf course. Whangaparāoa is Māori for Bay of Whales and these majestic animals can be seen moving around the peninsula at certain times of the year.

New Zealand is ranked as the top education system in the world, as well as the most peaceful country. New Zealand runs The National Certificate of Educational Achievement which is recognised around the world by most education systems. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. The Waitemata district which our school zone is in, is ranked as the safest area according to the NZ police crime stats for the whole of New Zealand.

New Zealand has a clean green image. There is no nuclear power, very little pollution and no population overcrowding. There are uncrowded beaches and plenty of parks across the whole country including the cities.
Established in 2005, our school has the most modern buildings and facilities in New Zealand and we offer a wide variety of schooling, social and outdoor activities. Please click the picture links below to discover the rest of our website.

Jason Pocock 
International Director Whangaparāoa College
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Whangaparāoa College incorporates the best educational practice from New Zealand and around the world. The school delivers an innovative curriculum with intensive use of modern technologies within an environmentally aware site.