Epro8 Challenge

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Year 10 EPro8 Challengers take 1st place in semi-finals

The Whangaparaoa Year 10 Sharks once again “mauled” their competitors in the EPro8 engineering and robotics challenge on Thursday 16 August at Mission Heights School. With nerves of steel, they managed to outscore the team they came second to at the heats, Northcote College, as well as teams from Birkenhead College,
St. Mary’s College, Waiuku College and Rosehill College.

The EPro8 is an engineering and robotics challenge, where teams of four compete to build and design working objects like extendable fire truck ladders, safes with burglar alarms, and even booby traps designed to go off when a cookie jar lid is opened!

Congratulations to Alex Callaghan, Sarah Harrison, Alex Lu, and Ben Mueggenburg on their win! Good luck for the final Monday 3 September.

Teresa Winstone
Teacher of Science

Would you be able to build a bed strong enough for your “Uncle Albert”, that features a light that automatically turns on in the morning to wake him out of his deep sleep? This is the type of problem solving, engineering and robotics challenge, that three teams from Whangaparaoa college solved to get points on the score board, in this year’s Vector Epro8 regional heat, held at Northcote college on Friday 3 August.

The Year 10 team, Whangaparaoa Sharks “mauled” most of their competitors, finishing a ferocious 2nd to secure a place in the finals coming up in two weeks.
Members: Alex Callaghan, Alex Lu, Ben Mueggenburg, Sarah Harrison.

The Year 9 Whangaparaoa Snappers “nibbled” their way into 4th place in the last two minutes, then unluckily dropped to 5th place after all the final buzzers were pushed. The Year 9 Whangaparaoa Marlin “took the bait” early, leading the Year 9 Snapper team from the start, but were “snagged” in the last minutes by a ladder that would not automatically raise when the judge was around – but did raise whenever he was not! The Marlin finished in a commendable 6th place.
Year 9 Members: Dean Baker, Enzo Gladiadis, Erika King, Jack Sweetman, Jackson Wright, Jade Milne, Josiah Marriott – Simeon.

Teresa Winstone, Teacher of Science
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