Year 13 Camp 2021

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On Tuesday 25 May, a large number of Year 13's travelled to Piper’s Lodge. Before heading out on the road, we were sorted into four groups: Kotuku, Tohora, Nikau, and Ahi. In these groups, we participated in the same events at the same time, with some groups doing the Tongariro Crossing on Wednesday, and some doing on Thursday.
The Crossing was not the only thing that we went out to pursue. The Okupapa Caving Experience was a very unique experience to say the least, where at times your feet got so cold that they felt like they were going to fall off! Then we walked to the Viaduct as a good warm up for the day, before the ‘true walk’. When Caving, I felt like I had become one with the caves, and the next day would become one with nature.
The Devil’s Staircase was by far the most enduring part of the Tongaririo Crossing, while the mountain was an experience, where once you get to the top, you are pulled in by all the snow and vibrant colours glistening all around you.
The Crossing was approximately eight hours, so you can only imagine how fatigued we were after it. To say the least, the Tongariro Crossing was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Staying at the Lodges with your roommates was also a great experience, where we could play pool and table tennis. We also got into our groups for our activities and ended up creating films; reflecting and integrating the themes and genres that we were given to make a short film about our camp.
With all the laughs and enjoyment that we had, camp was one of the best school trips that I have ever been on! Thank you Whangaparāoa College!

Michael Clark 13LOW
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