Year 12 Leadership Programme

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The 2019 Whangaparaoa College Leadership Programme was an informative 3-session event catered towards preparing Year 12s with skills which will help them in the future. It was fun and encouraged comradery within the group. The Leadership Program gave us time to reflect on ourselves and our peers, and taught us ways we can carry out acts of leadership in our community. It also gave us a chance to get to know the Senior Learning Team and Youth Workers to a better extent. All round, the 2019 Whangaparaoa College Leadership Programme was an amazing event which encouraged the development of great leaders for next year and for years to come. – Rebekah Goodchild

Someone once told me to “Grasp every opportunity while you can”, so far Whangaparaoa College has given me the opportunity to jump off the harbour bridge, meet exciting new people and go out of my comfort zone by team building activities including leadership moments. As well as these I had the chance to go to the leadership program. By working in teams I was pushed to my limits mentally, physically and emotionally with everything ranging from Lego building to blindfolded non-talking chocolate finding, and toxic river crossings. Within these tasks, I bonded more with my group and was able to make stronger friendships. I also learnt what Myer Briggs personality’s type I am which helped me to know more about myself. The guest speakers and prefects inspired me to set and reach more of my goals in life. I am glad I took this chance to lead and hope to follow in fellow peers and students footsteps. – Brooke Warrington
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