Midwinter Community Ball

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On Saturday 29 June, we held our inaugural Midwinter Community Ball in the College Gym. This was a successful fun-filled evening skilfully organised by Kate Risbrook, Ben Creevey, Chris McKay, Sue McKay, Kim Lane, Raewyn Manssen, Fiona Morrison and Silvie Watts along with a strong team of ex-learners who were happy to give their time freely to support their school. A huge thanks too to the following learners who helped on the night: Hazel Creevey, Twane Morgan, Katelyn Simpson, Gemma Mills, Holly Dowler, Violet Menefy, Sam Creevey, Seamus Kelly, Samantha Bright, Alex Jones, Balin Mitchell, Georgia Gibbons and Nikash Prakash.

The Ball, apart from being a great social event, was attended by about 150 people from the community and doubled as a fundraising activity. A little over $13,000 was raised to support families and learners at Whangaparaoa College who might otherwise miss out on various educational activities, trips, camps, etc. Next year there is the expectation that the second Midwinter Community Ball will be held - no doubt it will also be a great success.​
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