Tabloid Sports 2018

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The Whangaparaoa College Tabloids day was held on Friday 23 March. Learners participated in five events - dodgeball, water carry, plank relay, rob the nest, and a classic tug of war challenge. Each activity was House based and the winning team earned points for their House. All learners were encouraged to dress in their House colour (blue, red, green, or yellow) and the best dressed prizes from each House were announced at the end of the day. They were are as follows; Water House - Jenny Abraham, Fire House - Arireti Teubaitoi, Earth House - Georgia Taylor, and Air House - Olivia Vague. The overall results of the day were; Air House taking out first place, Earth house in second, Fire House in third, and last but not least Water House!
Overall, Whangaparaoa College Tabloids was a very successful and entertaining day for all the Year 9-13 learners! The rainy weather didn’t stop this schools spirit!
Photos by Jun Li.
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