School Trips

Year 7 Trip to Goat Island


Even though term one's bad weather forced our original Goat Island trip to be postponed, the Year 7's were lucky enough to go on their snorkeling trip this term.  It was an excursion full of discovery, fun and learning, that I am sure every Year 7 enjoyed.  To go on a trip like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Here is what we did:

Although a snorkeling trip in 6 metre deep water may sound dangerous, we were kitted out in wetsuits, fins and masks to help keep us safe.  There were many parents who kindly offered to come into the ocean with us and they each had boogie boards we could hold on to if we got tired.  After a safety briefing (that included how to avoid Eagle Rays), we headed in to the water.  Once we got over the initial rush of freezing cold water by the frantic jumping over the waves, we all turned our eyes to the water.  The water looked a tad murky to the human eye but our defogged masks helped us see the beauty of the marine reserve.  Within a few minutes, we began to see Snapper and Red Moki which we could identify, thanks to the sea life cards that were connected to our boogie boards.  We had only just touched the surface of this underwater world!
Snapper and Moki were now common sights and there were a few gigantic fish that constantly surprised us.  A few lucky students spotted some Crayfish and even an Eagle Ray at one point!  About half way through our adventure, Sophie our instructor, taught us how to duck dive.  It was really fun to dive as far down to the seabed as possible and resurface to blow the water out of our snorkels, like a whale or dolphin.  An underrated part of our trip, was seeing the quickly disappearing natural kelp forests we have in New Zealand.  It was interesting to dive down and see the seaweed close up.  Once we finished the ocean-based part of our trip, some learners explored the surrounding rocks, some even found a waterfall and a cave!

The Goat Island trip was definitely one of the highlights of our year and I hope in future years, we will get the chance to have more opportunities like this, to learn new skills and have a lot of fun!

Written by Laura Dymond, Year 7

Year 7 Trip to Auckland Maritime Museum

At some stage in Term 4, all Year 7 learners have been or will be going to the Maritime Museum. This is part of our Social Studies topic “Journeys”.  On Friday 20th October, 7BEZ and 7VLN got to sail under the Harbour Bridge on a boat called “The Ted Ashby”. She took us out of Princess Wharf along the southern side of the Auckland harbour, under the bridge and back to the Museum.

To our astonishment, a bungee jumper bravely made their jump just as we were passing under the bridge.

There were many cool travelling artifacts in the museum. We listened to a story told by a museum staff member and then watched a short film on how Polynesians came to New Zealand. To top it all off, we had free time to explore the museum in our small groups.

Overall the trip was a brilliant experience for us all.

By Kaylin and Jacob.

Year 7 Trip to Auckland Art Gallery
A few weeks ago, all of the Year 7 classes visited the Auckland Art Gallery.  Everyone had a lovely time exploring and learning about artists of New Zealand and their work.  Included in the trip was an art workshop and an art trail, as well as some spare time to explore the gallery.  During the art workshop, all of the classes got the chance to create a piece of art that was inspired by artist Judy Darragh, an artist known for her sculptural projects using recycled materials found at home, other objects and materials.  As well as participating in the workshop, the classes were also given time to tour throughout the gallery - inside and outside.  Many were intrigued by the recommended artist Charles.F.Goldie, an artist famous for his paintings of Maori people and their culture.
Classes also got to look at the Modern Art and Art Throughout the Centuries Exhibits.  All of the Year 7 classes left with a better understanding of New Zealand artists and their work.  Many were inspired by the art and hope to return soon.
Written by Laura Jackson and Alina Hesse - 7BEZ
Year 9 Ecology Day - Manly Beach

Despite overcast conditions and the occasional sprinkle of rain, the Year 9 learners ventured to Manly beach to complete activities as part of the Science Department Ecology Day.  Learners worked in groups to demonstrate understanding of food chains, energy flow and trophic levels in the marine communities.  A major focus was collecting data for the marine metre square citizen scientist project (www.mm2.net.nz) that evaluates the health of New Zealand's intertidal ecosystems. 

Thank you to all the parent helpers who came down and supervised the learners.  A special thanks to Steve from Shakespeare Regional Park, who spoke to all the learners in the auditorium about Auckland Council's efforts to eradicate introduced pest species from the park.
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