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Coach Support Initiative (CSI Programme), helping Whangaparaoa Coaches and Athletes to Succeed.

About the Programme
The Coach Support Initiative (CSI) Programme is one of Harbour Sport’s priority KiwiSport projects for the North Harbour Region.
The programme was established at Whangaparaoa in 2014. During this time a part time Coaching Leader was allocated to work with staff, coaches and student coached across targeted sports.
The CSI programme has one overall goal: "to improve Harbour schools’ culture and support around coaching, so more coaches are recognised, developed, supported and retained from season to season".
To achieve this CSI works with industry providers so coaches have access to resources, support and funding for coaching courses, workshops and seminars.
Community volunteer coaches often say a lack of support is a factor dropping out of coaching roles. CSI aims to improve this, so coaches are retained and recognized as as an extremely valuable human resource.
One of CSI’s main objectives is raising awareness about the positive impact ‘best practice’ coaching can have on an athlete’s performance and personal development.
As a Coach or Manager of a sport at WGPC please be aware of the guidelines outlined in the information booklet (2017 Guidelines to be released Term 1).
Police Vetting Information
The Board of Trustees requires that volunteers (other than teachers and other employees from the school or if you are under the age of 18) who coach and manage or otherwise voluntary assist school teams or individuals complete a police vetting check before commencing their coaching responsibilities.
The following NZ Police Vetting form needs to be completed, signed and returned to the Sports Office (Coaching Leader) for processing by the school’s approved agency representative, along with two forms of identification. 
If you are interested in Coaching or Managing please contact us sports@wgpcollege.school.nz

Support is available when you need it from our Coaching Leader - Michelle Walker 

Also check out Sport NZ resources
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