Whangaparāoa College has high expectations regarding wearing of the college uniform. Learners at the college are expected to wear the uniform at school or when on activities related to the college. For physical education, Learners will need to purchase the correct PE uniform
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Senior Uniform Dress
Years 11-13
Senior Uniform Dress
Years 11-13
Senior Uniform Casual
Years 11-13
Senior Uniform Casual
Years 11-13
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Junior Uniform
Years 7-10
Junior Uniform
Years 7-10
Unisex PE Uniform
All Years
The uniform items are all high quality products and will last several years. No other jerseys or jackets are to be worn at school

Footwear - Plain black leather low heeled lace up shoes or plain black leather low heeled shoes closed in at toe and heel or black flat heeled sandals worn with a heel strap or black canvas shoes. All footwear must be neat and tidy. No writing on shoes or sandals.
Socks - Navy socks worn with shorts or skirt and shoes only (not sandals)
Stockings - Navy opaques or flesh coloured stockings worn with skirt
Footwear - Black leather shoes or black flat heeled sandals worn with a heel strap or black canvas shoes. No writing on shoes or sandals.
Socks - Whangaparāoa College knee high socks, with shoes only (and not sandals)
Optional - Whangaparāoa College embroidered cap can be worn (no plain caps)
General Notes
  • Learners are expected to wear the correct school uniform at school, and to and from school.
  • No boots or slave sandals allowed. All shoes to be below the ankle.
  • Learners may wear a watch and no more than one plain stud in each ear. For safety no other jewellery may be worn.
  • Hair ties for all learners – plain navy, white or blue hairbands and ties only
  • Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn at school
  • Learners are to be clean-shaven at all times while at school and representing the school
  • Only one natural hair colour allowed
  • All uniform items can be purchased at NZ Uniforms
  • All clothing is to be clearly named
  • Whangaparāoa College has amended its uniform code to include dress black trousers for senior girls, ie Years 11-13
Click here for definition of black dress trousers for senior girls
Click here for some examples of acceptable footwear

Please click here for a full price list 

Start saving for your child's school uniform - click here for more info on the Uniform Club
Uniform Sales
All uniform will be available online via a specialised school uniform shop run by NZ Uniforms at www.nzuniforms.com . Uniform can be purchased 6 days a week, weekdays 9 am - 5 pm and Saturday 9 am -1 pm, from the NZ Uniform shop - please click here for address details All major credit cards and WINZ payments are accepted.  NZ Uniforms also run a Uniform Club which allows parents to save for uniform purchases.
Our Uniform is sold online at NZ Uniforms

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