Daily from 8.15am to 3.15pm learners can visit our School Nurse during their break times only (unless urgent). The Nurses office is situated in the main Admin block.

The school nurses are:

Alexis Purvis  - Alexis is on-site Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Kathy Ellery - Kathy is on-site Wednesdays

Lumino The Dentist will be visiting the school during Term 1, 2021 for all Year 9-13 learners. Please click here for the enrolment form and all other information.

During Covid 19 level 1 - can you please keep learners home who are unwell and have any cold or flu symptoms such as cough, nasal symptoms, sore throat or fever.

Sit less stand more
Winter has now arrived, Health promotion Agency (HPA) via Wellplace NZ inspire all New Zealanders to lead healthier lifestyles; this month is get up and move more, so utilise some of these resources to make a conscious effort towards healthy lifestyle in our homes, at school or workplaces, check out these useful website links for some ideas:




Dental Services

Due to Covid related disruptions, the mobile dental van will be at WGP college in the Term 3 school holidays. To make an appointment please call 0272228521.

The Auckland regional dental service provides free dental care to Year 7 and 8 learners, however due to COVID disruptions they have not confirmed their arrival date, or even if they will be able to attend the college this year.

School Immunisation Programme

Information about vaccinations to help you make an informed decision

Vaccinations contain an antigen that is injected to stimulate the immune system to have a response to fight the antigen, and in doing causes the immune system to make memory cells, that get stored away in our bone marrow. When your body comes in contact with the antigen again, your body will recognise the antigen and send memory cells which can quickly act to defend your body so you don’t get sick with the antigen you have come in contact with (i.e whooping cough, tetanus, influenza or whatever else you have been vaccinated against).

Not a single drop of the vaccination is left in your body. Once your own immune system has had time to recognise and start fighting the antigen, the vaccination gets metabolised and excreted in your urine
You can never have too many vaccinations or overdose on vaccinations, as your bone marrow has plenty of room to store tiny memory cells which lay dormant until they come into contact with the illness they recognise. There is a cost to each vaccination so that is why we only give the vaccination as per the schedule. Having a vaccination more than once will do no harm to your body.

Age 12 is considered the optimal age to receive the HPV vaccine because research has shown this is the time the uptake is best and people make the best memory cells.

In Australia there has been a significant decline and near eradication of genital warts as a result of the HPV vaccine. This is very important as genital warts (herpes) can lead to cervical and throat cancers. Hence as the prevalence of Herpes declines, so do cancers such as cervical cancer and throat cancer.

Some people are concerned about what vaccines contain especially aluminium and formaldehyde. Vaccines contain as much aluminium as a litre of water (which we would all easily consume daily with nil ill effects). Formaldehyde is naturally occurring in our bodies as a by-product of metabolism. It is also present in mascara, paper towels, carpet and baby shampoo. The amount present in vaccines is of no concern to our health.

Some people can not be immunised because they are too young (newborns) or are immunocompromised. This group of people are very vulnerable to infection as their immune systems are already weak. Their best protection is for the people who surround them to be immunised.

If you have any questions or concerns about immunisation please do not hesitate to speak to the school nurse or free phone 0800466863.

Please click here for information on the School Immunisation Programme.


For details about the Family/Whanau Support and Education Group please click here

For details on the Triple P Positive Parenting Program please click here

Waste Free Period Kits

 These are available for sale at $20 each. Please see Learner Accounts to purchase.

The student pack contains the following:
• 1 x teen MyCup menstrual cup (NZ made)
• 2 x reusable pads
• 1 x set of instructions for cup and reusable pad use
• 1 x waste free period bag
• 1 x pack of 5 Miltons tablets and instructions for use

Please click here to watch an information video
Whangaparaoa Hub Health Pop In
  • Every Tuesday 2-4pm, free pop in clinic
Public health nurses can give health advice on a range of health related topics, eczema and skin issues, nutrition and diet, sexual health, puberty, head lice, ear and eye health, toileting problems and bullying.

Whangaparaoa College incorporates the best educational practice from New Zealand and around the world. The school delivers an innovative curriculum with intensive use of modern technologies within an environmentally aware site.
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