Grant Dabb

grant dabb

I have lived and worked on the Coast since 1987 and have served on this Board since 2004. I have three daughters, all of whom we chose to school locally and so I have always been involved in a broad range of school activities. My children enjoyed an education that was fulfilling and successful – now that they have finished school, my agenda is very simple - to give a bit back.
Schools are dynamic and complex organisations. They require intelligent and dedicated management to deliver the quality of education that our kids deserve. Our school is extremely well run - it has exceptional facilities, an outstanding principal and staff, and a cooperative and progressive board.
In the last 10 years we have seen the development of exceptional buildings and resources, and improved behaviour and learning outcomes that rate among the best in New Zealand. We have raised the bar in sports, academics and the arts, and established a vibrant international students program that underpins a much wider range of educational opportunities than would otherwise be possible.
My aim is to see every student leaving our school ready for the world ahead -  well educated, well balanced, confident and enthusiastic; with respect for themselves and others. I’m a believer in the basics – the 3 R’s, good social skills, getting on with everyone, and taking personal responsibility.

We have a great environment, a community that cares, and our families are truly lucky to live here. I want our students to share that pride, and to value their education at Whangaparaoa College and in turn to use their skills to help others.

Outside work I enjoy Yoga, motorcycling, science, and music. I also serve on a number of Optometry organisations, and as the NZ Director of the Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program.

Whangaparaoa College incorporates the best educational practice from New Zealand and around the world. The school delivers an innovative curriculum with intensive use of modern technologies within an environmentally aware site.
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