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I am delighted to have been appointed Principal here at Whangaparāoa College, and look forward to the adventure and challenges ahead. We are here for your sons and daughters, and will work closely with you and members of the wider community to ensure they work hard and gain an excellent education.
Here's what I expect young people to do while at the College.  Firstly, and most importantly, they are here to learn. That is why at Whangaparāoa College our students are called 'learners'. Learners are not merely here to gain facts, figures and skills; but to develop the ability to think, process, research, solve problems and evaluate information and situations.
We come to Whangaparāoa College to achieve. We encourage learners to aim for the highest level of which they are capable in both their learning and extra-curricula involvements. That is why teachers put in many extra hours; not only for those who struggle with aspects of their learning, but also for those who are aiming for scholarship, or wanting to compete at the highest level in performing arts, etc.
Next, we are here to participate.  Many of us have fond memories of our school days - especially the extra-curricula activities such as sports, shows, and camps. Young people who get involved with a range of activities are more likely to develop healthy habits, good friends and special memories.
We are here to respect - respect others, respect ourselves, respect property and the environment. Respect is a core value of the College and in practice might look like being on time and getting on with our work; taking time to help others; saying "thank you"; and leaving any area tidier (and happier) than when we arrived. Respect is not difficult but it is essential.
In summary, we are at Whangaparāoa College to learn, achieve, participate and respect. Not only will these contribute to an excellent education - your children will be set up for a positive future.
Let's enjoy the journey!
James Thomas
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Whangaparāoa College incorporates the best educational practice from New Zealand and around the world. The school delivers an innovative curriculum with intensive use of modern technologies within an environmentally aware site.