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October in Other Languages
Chinese (Mandarin) - shíyuè
Danish - oktober
French - octobre
Italian - ottobre
Latin - October
Spanish - octubre



      October is National Pizza Month  and National Dessert Month Yummy 

  • October 4th 1957   - Morris Yock trademarks the Jandel.
  • October 6th 1889 - Thomas Edison  showed the 1st motion picture.
  • October 16th 1936 - Jean Batten reaches Auckland after epic solo flight.
  • October 28th 1890 - 1st Labour day celebrations, In 1899 Parliament legislated to make Labour Day a public holiday. Predating both Anzac Day and Waitangi Day, it was the first public holiday in New Zealand not associated with religion, royal birthdays or anniversaries of provincial settlement. Since 1910 Labour Day has been held on the fourth Monday in October.

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                   Joseph Delaney

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Joseph Henry Delaney is a British author who works in the fantasy and science fiction genres. He is best known for his series The Last Apprentice (also published in the UK as The Wardstone Chronicles).

Delaney was born in 1945, in Preston, Lancashire, England. Growing up he says that both he and his brother had the same recurring nightmare about a cold, shadowy creature picking them up and carrying them into the darkness—an experience that probably explains why he writes dark fantasy today. He attended the prestigious Regent House Grammar School in Newtownards, Northern Ireland (which has apparently come down with "Delaney fever" in recent years, displaying his picture in several places). He later attended Lancaster University.

After serving for a while as an apprentice engineer, Delaney decided to become an English teacher at Blackpool Sixth Form College, where he helped start the Media and Film Studies Department. During his time there he also began writing. His first novel, written under a pseudonym, was unsuccessful; his later works were all written under his real name. He finally achieved his greatest success with his The Wardstone Chronicles series.

The series (often called "the Spook stories" for simplicity) stars a young man named Thomas Ward who, as the seventh son of the seventh son with a magical mother, has various supernatural powers. The series is set in "the Country," a land clearly based on Delaney's native Lancashire. The popular series currently has eight main books and three supplementary ones, and the first story is set to be adapted into a movie called Apprentices (currently set for release in July 2013).

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