Rhys Hodson HOD Head of Learning
Catherine Owens Y De Novoa OWE Head of Department
- Biology
Gary Mueggenburg MUE Head of Department
- Chemistry
Bonita Menezes Men Head of Department
- Physics
Jim Curwen CUR Teacher
Clive Dinmore DIN Teacher
Chris Mcleod MLD Teacher
Maria Sinclair SNC Teacher
Carla Taylor TLR Teacher
Phillipa Wood WOD Teacher


Course Information  
Year 9 9SCIE
Year 10 10SCIE
Science L1SCIE01
Physical Chemistry L1PHCH01
Biology L2BIOL01
Chemistry L2CHEM01
Physics L2PHYS01



Welcome to Science at Whangaparaoa College. Learners explore the wonders of Science with a range of hands on activities and experiments supported by a wide variety of teaching techniques. Our learners enjoy the use of modern facilities and the latest in scientific technology in order to enhance their learning experience.

"The Science Department at Whangaparaoa College has really nurtured my passion for this subject, and has played a core role in solidifying my plans to enter a career in Science. I not only got the best of theory related knowledge, but was continually given insights as to how things apply to the world around us – the bigger picture. My learning truly did extend outside the classroom with the guidance of the science teachers at the college. And that’s what I will remember.” Ashwin Rajan (2009 Graduate) – Achievements: NCEA Scholarship Biology, NCEA Scholarship Physics, The University of Auckland Scholarship and the Masonic Lodge Scholarship for Dux 2009, attending University of Auckland 2010.
"The Science teachers and their love and enthusiasm for the subject encouraged me to continue studying Science at university and pursue it as a career. The excellent facilities, teaching and practical experiments and field trips made learning fun and applicable to 'real life'. Science classes will always be one of my favourite memories of my experience at Whangaparaoa College and I will always be thankful to all the amazing teachers for introducing me to the wonders of science. " Vanessa Ng (2009 Graduate)– Achievements: NCEA Scholarship Biology, attending University of Auckland 2010.
"Science is my favourite subject thanks to the science teachers at Whangaparaoa College. Their passion for each of their specialised areas made me enjoy the subject immensely, whether it be dissecting rats, creating silver inside a test tube, or visiting Rainbows End to test G-force on the rollercoaster." Chloe Brunton (2009 Graduate)– Achievements: The Bryant Hall Residential Scholarship and the School Leavers scholarship 2009, attending Waikato University 2010.

Year 9 General Science
This course is designed to engage learners in science by covering a wide range of topics including: Energy and our bodies, Matter (including fair testing), Light, Solar Systems, Earth Systems, Plants, Chemicals and the Rocky Shore.
This course includes a trip to Auckland’s Stardome
Year 10 General Science
The Year 10 course is designed to deepen learners understanding of Science. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science are covered and form the ground work for material covered at NCEA Level 1 in Year 11.
This course includes a trip to the Auckland Zoo for a special class on endangered species and introduced non-native species.
Year 11 Science 101
This is an academic course covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as conducting NCEA level 1 Experiments.
Year 11 Science 102
This course is designed for learners who enjoy Science but sometimes found the material in Year 10 difficult. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science are covered and are largely tested using Unit Standards.
Year 11 Chemistry (half course)
This is an academic course intended for learners who have a special interest in Chemistry. It has been designed to give excellent foundation knowledge to prepare learners for Year 12 Chemistry.
Year 12 and Year 13
In year 12 the courses branch of into separate subjects. Currently we offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics at NCEA Level 2 and Level 3. These courses also include out of classroom experiences such as the Liggin’s Institute, Auckland Museum, Rainbow’s End and Marsden Point.
Whangaparaoa College incorporates the best educational practice from New Zealand and around the world. The school delivers an innovative curriculum with intensive use of modern technologies within an environmentally aware site.
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